Secure Use of the Application To protect your identity, ensure that you do not provide any information that directly or indirectly reveals your identity when filling out forms and attaching documents. Check if your internet connection is secure and if your browser displays the padlock symbol. Submit your report or inquiry exclusively from a private device that is not connected to the organization's network. The same applies to accessing your email inbox. Trusty AG does not record the IP address from which you access this website and only uses temporary session cookies for security purposes. All communication through this web portal is protected by state-of-the-art encryption. Processing of Personal Data The application provider and controller of the submitted personal data is National Olympic Committee of Slovenia (organization or application subscriber).
The application, its websites, and the database in which personal and other submitted data (including the record of reports) are stored are provided and maintained by Trusty AG, located in Cham, Switzerland, on behalf of the application subscriber. The database is hosted on a virtual server at Hetzner Online GmbH Gunzenhausen in Germany. Individuals who handle the reports or questions on behalf of the application subscriber and are authorized to address violations may process personal data necessary for investigating the violation, managing its consequences, rectifying the violation, and protecting the whistleblower, as well as preparing a response to the question. The designated personnel at Trusty AG have access to the database solely for the purpose of its technical maintenance. Generally, the records of reports are retained for a period of five years after the completion of the process. After the retention period expires, personal data and the content of the report are destroyed, while the record data of the report and the final report may be kept even after this period in accordance with the organization's internal rules."


Log in to the application using the username and password provided to you upon submitting the report or question.